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    Stronger together – Estonian Seamen’s Independent Union

    “Having regular meetings with the Norwegian Transport Workers Federation opens a window on what social dialogue can look like in practice," says Jüri Lember, President of the Estonian Seamen’s Independent Union (EISU).
    Programme: IN22: The Global Fund for Decent Work and Tripartite Dialogue
    Programme areas: Global fund for decent work and tripartite dialogue
  • Latvia flag Latvia 18 June 2014

    Smart governance for Latvian local authorities

    “This project will stimulate local government to take more initiative, improve their work and achieve a more efficient use of the resources,”explains Andris Jaunsleinis, Chairman of the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments.
    Programme: LV07: Capacity-Building and Institutional Cooperation between Latvian and Norwegian Public Institutions, Local and Regional Authorities
    Project: LV07-0004: Smart governance and performance improvement of Latvian municipalities
    Project status: Completed
    Funded by : Norway Grants
    Sector: Human and Social Development
    Programme areas: Capacity-building and institutional cooperation between beneficiary state and Norwegian public institutions, local and regional authorities
  • Lithuania flag Lithuania 16 June 2014

    Reducing food waste while helping the needy

    “By volunteering with Stop Food Waste in Lithuania, I get to work with other great volunteers, while contributing to social justice,” says Daiva Petelienė. She is one of the volunteers working with a project supported by the Lithuanian NGO Fund that aims to reduce food waste.
    Programme: LT04: Funds for Non-governmental Organisations
    Project: LT04-0003: Stop Food Waste in Lithuania!
    Project status: Completed
    Funded by : EEA Grants
    Sector: Civil Society
    Programme areas: Funds for non-governmental organisations
  • Estonia flag Estonia 11 June 2014

    Helping Estonian victims of domestic and gender-based violence

    “Now, I receive legal help and therapy. I want to get my life back, and to study at the university,” says Mari (not her real name), an Estonian victim of domestic violence.
    Programme: EE11: Domestic and Gender-based Violence
    Project: EE11-0001: Developing services for victims of domestic violence, strengthening co-operation between different institutions and raising awareness among victims and the general public
    Project status: Completed
    Funded by : Norway Grants
    Sector: Justice and Home Affairs
    Programme areas: Domestic and gender-based violence
  • Estonia flag Estonia 06 June 2014

    Making a difference through research cooperation

    “There are many sad stories of people with little or no income that still get credit. This is a huge social problem, and it needs to be addressed,” says Karin Sein, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Tartu.
    Programme: EE06: Research cooperation
    Project: EE06-0003: Topical issues of consumer credit in Estonia and Norway
    Project status: Completed
    Funded by : Norway Grants
    Sector: Research and Scholarship
    Programme areas: Research