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  • Bulgaria flag Bulgaria 08 April 2014

    Marking International Roma Day

    <p>Today is International Roma Day- a good time to take stock of the challenges facing Europe’s Roma population. Bettering their situation is a key priority for the Grants, and improving access to education is a key part of these efforts.</p>
    Programme: BG06: Children and Youth at Risk
    Programme areas: Children and youth at risk
  • Cyprus flag Cyprus 18 March 2014

    Saving Cypriot lives over a cup of coffee

    <p>“The influx of new bone marrow donors exceeded the expected number more than ten times,” explains Dr Paul A. Costeas, the Director of the Karaiskakio Foundation, the operator of the Cyprus Bone Marrow Donor Registry.</p>
    Programme: CY04: Norwegian Financial Mechanism
    Programme areas:
    • Justice and home affairs
    • Domestic and gender-based violence
    • Public health initiatives
    • Civil society support
  • Hungary flag Hungary 26 February 2014

    Bringing back the smiles

    <p>“It is compelling to see how our therapy methods help the children and how their faces light up after the sessions,” explains Judit Miholecz, clinical psychologist for the Smile Foundation.</p>
    Programme: HU05: Funds for Non-governmental Organisations
    Programme areas: Funds for non-governmental organisations
  • Estonia flag Estonia 28 December 2013

    Joining Estonian and Norwegian research expertise

    <p>“With our project we are going to a new level of understanding how the brain makes sense of speech,” says professor Kenneth Hugdahl.</p>
    Programme: EE06: Research cooperation
    Programme areas: Research
  • Romania flag Romania 20 November 2013

    Preserving Romanian cultural heritage for future generations

    <p>Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway have set aside more than €14 million to protect and promote Romanian cultural heritage. The Roma population is among the target groups.</p>
    Programme: RO12: Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural and Natural Heritage
    Programme areas: Conservation and revitalisation of cultural and natural heritage
  • Poland flag Poland 22 October 2013

    Joint research to assess climate risks to potato production

    <p>Climate change is having a dramatic impact on the potato. A Polish-Norwegian research partnership is seeking to assess the effects of global warming.</p>
    Programme: PL12: Bilateral Research Cooperation
    Programme areas: Research
  • Portugal flag Portugal 07 October 2013

    Adapting to a changing climate in Portugal

    <p>Portugal is vulnerable to increasing temperatures and decrease in rainfall. Today the EEA Grants programme on adaptation to climate change was signed.</p>
    Programme: PT04: Adaptation to Climate Change
    Programme areas: Adaptation to climate change
  • Portugal flag Portugal 02 October 2013

    Reducing vulnerability to climate change

    <p>In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, there is a need to protect people and ecosystems from the impact of a changing climate. The EEA and Norway Grants support programmes dealing with climate change adaptation in nine EU countries.</p>
    Programme: PT04: Adaptation to Climate Change
    Programme areas: Adaptation to climate change
  • Portugal flag Portugal 24 September 2013

    Addressing climate change in Europe

    <p>The role of water in climate change adaptation will be the topic at an international conference supported by the Grants in Lisbon 7-9 October.</p>
    Programme: PT04: Adaptation to Climate Change
    Programme areas: Adaptation to climate change
  • Bulgaria flag Bulgaria 30 July 2013

    Bulgarian judges trained at the European Court of Human Rights

    <p>With support from Norway Grants, three Bulgarian judges currently have the opportunity to work at the European Court of Human Rights for one year.</p>
    Programme: BG14: Judicial Capacity-building and Cooperation/Improvement of the efficiency of justice
    Programme areas: Judicial capacity-building and cooperation